Rebirth Equinox Box

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Welcome the balance of light and darkness as nature awakens from its slumber. The Spring Equinox blesses us with renewed energy, growth, and abundance. It's a time of celebrating new beginnings and  the vibrant energy of the Earth's awakening.
This limited edition box contains the following items:
12x12" Glossy Poster
5x7" Journal w/ 80 Pages of Black Paper
White Ink Gel Pen
2.37"x1.58" Round Lavender Scented Wax Candle
2.75 X 4.75" Tarot Card
4" Lavender Bundle Wrapped in Purple Twine
Brazilian Amethyst Crystal Shard 1-2"
12x12x2.37" Full Color Collector's Box

The Rebirth Equinox Box will begin shipping on 04/30